Learn about Milestone Charts, with examples!

Project managers deal in details, but management wants a snapshot. How can you translate your project details into a brief summary which clearly conveys the status of the project?

Milestone charts make it possible to show even the most involved project in a summary form. While typical Gantt charts often require many pages, a milestone chart can be used to show key components of your project on a single page. Find out how with some of our examples!


  • Milestones do not take effort.
  • Zero duration Milestones depict important dates.
  • Milestones summarize a sequence of tasks.


  • Milestones can be shown in a variety of ways.
  • Using shapes, color, markings, and text, project milestones can be viewed easily.


  • With milestones one can communicate an overview of a large projects to upper management, collaborators, and customers.
  • Even multi-year projects can be shown on a single piece of paper.