Buy Milestone Schedule Software

The schedules featured on this website were all created with Milestones Professional and Milestones Simplicity. There’s a free trial of their project management software¬†available at the developer’s website, which lets you make up to 20 file saves before requiring a purchase. Here’s the descriptions from KIDASA’s website:

milestones-professionalMilestones Professional is the fast, easy way to create easily schedules and reports for projects. When you manage and schedule projects you need software that is powerful, fast and easy to use. Project management software that lets you organize your project, sell your ideas, streamline your work and track results. Go to KIDASA’s website to buy this project management software today.
Milestones SimplicityMilestones Simplicity lives up to its name by giving you the easiest possible way to create presentation-ready schedules. To make eye-catching schedules, just type in the project steps, then click and drag to add milestone dates and Gantt bars. You can go over to KIDASA’s website and buy this easy project scheduler today.